Event Amenities - The Inn on Sheridan

Getting It Just Right

It’s All The Little Things

Adeline Room & Alexander Room

Adeline Room / 200 Seats
Alexander Room / 80 Seats

Room Rental includes Tables, White Tablecloth, Basic Overlay and Centerpiece, Chairs with White Cover and skirted tables for DJ, Gift, Buffet and Reception. Rental is for six hours. Additional time is available, please ask for pricing. Patio rental is $400, including firepit feature.

Napkins (White included)
Other colors are available upon request. for an additional fee.

Tablecloths (Solid White or Black are included)
Others colors and designs are available as an upgrade.

Table Overlays (Pintuck, Crinkle or Satin are included)
Organza, Rosette, Burlap or Glitter are an upgrade.

Chair Covers
Several styles and colors are available for $2 each

Elegant Touches

Charger Plates / $1 Each
Silver and Gold are stocked. Additional colors may be requested for a nominal fee.

Chair Bows / $2 Each
Hand-ties bows transform a chair into a CHAIR!

Specialty Slipcoves / $2 Each
Available in a variety of colors and styles, this unique addition is simply beautiful

Champagne Toast / $3 per person

House Wine Service / $20 per bottle
Red and White selections available, can be limited to Head Table, specific tables or all guests

Head Table

Up to 8 seats included
Can be set for Bridal Party or as Sweetheart Table for just the Bride & Groom

Risers / $100 per level
Add a lifted row for larger parties or simply for impact.

Fairy Skirting / $50 per table
Traditional skirting is included, but this fairy ribbon treatment is amazing!

Underlighting / $25 per table
Can be added to any skirting, mini LED lighting can be added underneath the table to shimmer and twinkle all through your night.

Wedding Canopy or Arch

Traditional Wedding Canopy or Arch. Pricing based on selection.

Individual Uplighting Fixture / $40
Can be placed anywhere you like in the room, including under a table, suspended, on a pedestal or on the floor. Various colors available.

Full Room Uplighting / $400 per Event

Drapery Panels / $25 per Section
Sheer gauze panels fall from ceiling to floor and are gathered in ribbons coordinated to your room theme. Can be used to section off the bar/lounge or create any number of room staging ideas. Ask us!